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Mildly-venomous/non-venomous snakes of Thailand

Family Typhopidae (Blind Snakes)
Subfamily Ramphotyphlops
o Ramphotyphlops albiceps (White-headed Blind Snake)
o Ramphotyphlops ozakiae (Mollys Blind Snake)
Ramphotyphlops braminus (Brahminy Worm Snake)
o Ramphotyphlops lineatus (Striped Worm Snake)

Subfamily Typhlops
o Typhlops diardii (Diard's Blind Snake)
o Typhlops floweri (Flower's Blindschlange)
o Typhlops khoratensis (Khorat Blind Snake)
o Typhlops klemmeri (Klemmer's Blind Snake)□
o Typhlops muelleri (Müller's Blind Snake)
o Typhlops porrectus
o Typhlops roxaneae
o Typhlops siamensis (Siamese Blind Snake) * Statuses uncertain
oTyphlops trangensis (Trang Blind Snake)

Cylindrophiidae (Asia Pipe Snakes)
Subfamily Cylindrophis ruffus (Red-tailed Pipe Snake)
o Cylindrophis ruffus ruffus (Red-tailed Pipe Snake)

Xenopeltidae (Sunbeam Snakes)
Subfamily Xenopeltis unicolor (Sunbeam Snakes)

Boidae (Pythons)
Subfamily Pythoninae (Pythons)
o Malayoython (Python) reticulatus (Reticulatus Python)
Python brongersmai (Blood python)
o Python molurus (Burmese Python)
Python bivittatus bivittatus (Burmese Python)

Acrochordidae (Wart Snakes)
Subfamily Acrochordus granulatus (Little File Snake)
o Acrochordus javanicus (Javan File Snake)

Subfamily Colubrinae
o Ahaetulla (Whip Snakes)
■ Ahaetulla fasciolata (Speckle-headed Whip Snake)
■ Ahaetulla mycterizans (Green Ribbon Snake)
Ahaetulla nasuta (Long-nosed Whip snakes)
Ahaetulla prasina (Oriental Whip Snake)
□ Ahaetulla prasina prasina (Oriental Whip Snake)

o Boiga (Cat Snakes)
Boiga cyanea (Green Cat Snake)
Boiga cynodon (Dog-toothed Cat Snake)
■ Boiga dendrophila (Banded Mangrove Snake)
Boiga dendrophila melanota (Banded Mangrove Snake)

■ Boiga drapiezii (Golden Cat Snake)
■ Boiga jaspidea (Jasper Cat Snake)
Boiga multomaculata (Many-spotted Cat Snake)
Boiga nigriceps (Red Cat Snake)
□ Boiga nigriceps nigriceps (Black-headed Cat Snake)

Boiga saengsomi (Banded Green Cat Snake)
Boiga siamensis (formerly: ocellata (Grey banded Cat Snake))

o Calamaria
■ Calamaria lumbricoidea (Variable Reed Snake)
■ Calamaria pavimentata (Collared Reed Snake)
■ Calamaria schlegeli (Pink-headed Reed Snake)
□ Calamaria schlegeli schlegeli (Pink-headed Reed Snake)

o Chrysopelea (Tree Snakes)
■ Chrysopelea ornata (Golden Tree Snake)
Chrysopelea ornata ornatissima (Golden Tree Snake)

Chrysopelea paradisii (Paradise Tree Snake)
□ Chrysopelea paradisii paradisii (Paradise Tree Snake)

Chrysopelea pelias (Twin-barred Tree Snake)

o Coelognathus
Coelognathus flavolineatus (Common Malayan Racer)
Coelognathus radiatus (Copperheaded Racer)

o Dendrelaphis (Bronzeback Snakes)
■ Dendrelaphis caudolineatus (Striped Bronzeback)
□ Dendrelaphis caudolineatus caudolineatus

Dendrelaphis cyanochloris (Blue Bronzeback)
■ Dendrelaphis formosus (Elegant Bronzeback)
■ Dendrelaphis kopsteini
Dendrelaphis pictus (Coomon Bronzeback Snake)
□ Dendrelaphis pictus pictus

■ Dendrelaphis striatus (Cohn's Bronze-back)
■ Dendrelaphis subocularis (Mountain Bronzeback)

o Dinodon (Big-tooth Snakes)
■ Dinodon septentrionale

o Dryocalamus (Bridle Snakes)
Dryocalamus davisonii (Common Bridle Snake)
Dryocalamus subannulatus (Malayan Bridle Snake)

o Dryophiops (Whip Snakes)
■ Dryophiops rubescens (Keel-bellied Whip Snake)

o Gonglyosoma
■ Gonglyosoma balliodeira
□ Gonglyosoma balliodeira cochranae

■ Gonglyosoma scriptum

o Gonyosoma
Gonyosoma oxycephalum (Red-tailed Racer)
Gonyosoma prasinum (Green Bush Rat Snake)

o Lepturophis
■ Lepturophis albofuscus

o Liopeltis
■ Liopeltis tricolor

o Lycodon (Wolf Snakes)
■ Lycodon butleri (Butlers Wolf Snake)
■ Lycodon cardamomensis
Lycodon capucinus (Common Wolf snake)
■ Lycodon effraenis
■ Lycodon fasciatus
Lycodon laoensis (Laotian Wolf Snake)
■ Lycodon subcinctus
□ Lycodon subcinctus subcinctus
o Macrocalamus
■ Macrocalamus lateralis

o Oligodon (Kukri Snakes)
■ Oligodon barroni
■ Oligodon cinereus
■ Oligodon cyclurus
■ Oligodon dorsalis
■ Oligodon dorsolateralis *1
■ Oligodon fasciolatus
■ Oligodon inornatus
■ Oligodon jintakunei
■ Oligodon joynsoni
■ Oligodon mouhoti
Oligodon purpurascens (Brown Kukri Snake)
■ Oligodon quadrilineatus
■ Oligodon taeniatus
■ Oligodon theobaldi
o Orthriophis
■ Orthriophis taeniurus
Orthriophis taeniurus ridleyi (Ridley´s Racer)
Othriophis taeniurus helfenbergeri (Helfenbergs Racer)
□ Orthriophis taeniurus yunnanensis (Yunan Racer)
o Plagiopholis
■ Plagiopholis blakewayi

o Psamnodynastes (Mock Vipers)
Psamnodynastes pulverulentus (Common Mock Viper)

o Pseudorabdion
■ Pseudorabdion longiceps

o Ptyas (Zaocys) (Ratsnakes)
■ Ptyas carinata
Ptyas fusca
Ptyas korros (Indo-Chinese Ratsnake)
Ptyas mucosa (Oriental Rat Snake)

o Sibynophis
■ Sibynophis collaris
Sibynophis melanocephalus
□ Sibynophis melanocephalus melanocephalus

■ Sibynophis triangularis (Dreiecks-Vielzahnnatter)

o Xenelaphis
■ Xenelaphis hexagonotus

Subfamily Homalopsinae)
o Bitia
■ Bitia hydroides

o Cantoria
■ Cantoria violacea

o Cerberus
Cerberus rynchops (Dog-faced Water Snake)
□ Cerberus rynchops rynchops (Dog-faced Water Snake) □ Cerberus schneideri (Schneiders Dog-faced Water Snake)

o Enhydris
Enhydris bocourti (Bocourt´s Water Snake)
Enhydris enhydris
■ Enhydris innominata
□ Enhydris innominata smithi

Enhydris jagori (Jagor´s Water Snake)
Enhydris plumbea (Plumbeous Water Snake)
■ Enhydris chanardi

o Erpeton (Tentacle Snake)
Erpeton tentaculatus (Tentacle Snake, Fishing Snake)

o Fordonia
■ Fordonia leucobalia

o Gerarda
■ Gerarda prevostiana

o Homalopsis (Puff-faced Water Snake)
Homalopsis buccata (Puff-faced Water Snake)
■ Homalopsis hardwicki (Hardwicks Masked Water Snake)
■ Homalopsis mereljcoxi (Merel J. Cox Water Snake)
■ Homalopsis semizonata

Subfamily Natricinae (Water Snakes)
o Amphiesma
■ Amphiesma bitaeniatum
■ Amphiesma deschauenseei
■ Amphiesma groundwateri
■ Amphiesma inas
■ Amphiesma khasiense
■ Amphiesma stolatum

o Macropisthodon
■ Macropisthodon flaviceps
■ Macropisthodon rhodomelas

o Opisthotropis
■ Opisthotropis boonsongi
■ Opisthotropis maculosus
■ Opisthotropis praemaxillaris
■ Opisthotropis spenceri

o Parahelicops
■ Parahelicops boonsongi

o Rhabdophis
■ Rhabdophis chrysargos
Rhabdophis nigrocinctus
Rhabdophis subminiatus (Red-necked Keelbeck Snake)
□ Rhabdophis subminiatus subminiatus
□ Rhabdophis subminiatus helleri

o Sinonatrix
■ Sinonatrix percarinata
□ Sinonatrix percarinata percarinata

o Xenochrophis
Xenochrophis flavipunctatus (Common Keelback Snake)
Xenochrophis piscator (Checkered Keelback Snake)
□ Xenochrophis piscator piscator

■ Xenochrophis punctulatus
■ Xenochrophis tranguligerus

Subfamily Pareatinae
o Aplopeltura
■ Aplopeltura boa

o Asthenodipsas
■ Asthenodipsas laevis
■ Asthenodipsas malaccanus

o Pareas
Pareas carinatus (Keeled slug snake)
■ Pareas hamptoni *1
■ Pareas macularius
Pareas margaritophorus (White-spotted Slug Snake)

Subfamily Psammophiinae
o Psammophis
■ Psammophis indochinensis

Subfamily Pseudoxenodontinae
o Plagiopholis
■ Plagiopholis nuchalis

o Pseudoxenodon
■ Pseudoxenodon macrops
□ Pseudoxenodon macrops macrops

Subfamily Xenoderminae
o Xenodermus javanicus

With *1 characterized kinds it is momentarily not clear whether these kinds actually occur in Thailand or whether it concerns a synonym of another kind/subspecies.

*2 RAWLINGS et al. transfered Python reticulatuns in the new genus Broghammerus. If this change will be generally accepted remains to be seen.
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