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The homepage is operated by:

Heinz Klaus Thiesen
Rathausstraße 70
Tel.: +49 2624 5082
DE-56203 Höhr-Grenzhausen

SIt deals with a private homepage, which does not aim at any profit.

This Internet site is for foreigners living in Thailand, and/or those who intend to establish themselves here at some point, and therefore give easy access to information which can be difficult to find. The intention is not to present tourist topics as there are enough travel guides and internet sites which deal with this.

In order to provide faster loading times, I consciously do without pictures and diagrams, if they are not necessary. For the representation of the snakes the pictures were optimised as far as possible. I have tried to reach a compromise between fast loading times and good perceptibility, so that visitors with impaired vision can also read this site comfortably. I have attached great importance on good legibility. I therefore did without the normal background pictures and selected a simple white background and large text. Design considerations always had to take a back seat.

I would be very grateful for any suggestions and references. Please use the "email" function to send any comments. If you should want to make your own contributions, this would of course be helpful. Each author is of course named.

All data provided without guarantee!

I, the operator of (Heinz Klaus Thiesen), have no business connection, with the enterprises specified on Siam-Info. I therefore naturally take no responsibility for the information of the enterprises specified above. The contributions show only my personal opinion.

All references and facts were personally gathered with greatest care, however all data is of course provided without guarantee!

Important note
On many of Siam info sites, links to other sites in the Internet exist. Hereby I would like to point out that I did not have any influence on the organisation and the contents of these link pages. The operators of the respective sites are responsible for their own internet site. I therefore expressly dissociate myself from all contents of all linked sites on my homepage and I do not make its contents my own. This explanation applies to all links shown on Siam-Info. However if any illegal or distasteful links should be noticed, I ask you to inform me immediately. I will remove these links immediately from my homepage. I would also be grateful for information if a link is no longer in operation.

Enjoy your visit to

The Webmaster
Heinz Klaus Thiesen

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