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Snakes of Thailand

Snakes of ThailandFamily: Colubridae
Subfamily: Colubrinae
Genus: Psamnodynastes (Mock Vipers)

Psammodynastes pulverulentus (Common Mock Viper)
Picture: J. Bulian

Distribution area Psammodynastes pulverulentus Psammodynastes pulverulentus (Common Mock Viper)
(ngu mock)

Length: Up to 77 cm.

Distribution area: All Thai regions

The Psammodynastes pulverulentus prefers hilly areas in primary and secondary forests. They are more seldom in the low lands and in human settlements. This, however, does not seem to apply to the example living in southern Thailand. In this area, the snake can be found in rotting leaves and on rubber plantations. The snake is active at dusk and at night. The Common Mock Viper (has a head similar to a viper) lives mainly on the ground and eats geckos.

Danger level: None
Mildly-venomous/non-venomous snakes of Thailand
Venomous snakes of Thailand

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