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Snake Catcher

Building instructions
The snake catcher is, even without any talent in crafts, very easy to copy within half an hour. Find yourself a cut-off section of pipe which is 20 mm in diameter and approx. 2 m long. These pipes are used in Thailand as
DIY Snake Catcher water pipes. The trade stores offer these pipes in two different thicknesses. For stability reasons the pipes with thicker walls are to be preferred. In addition you will need 3 plugs and a strong piece of cord. The cord is available in garden stores. A thick piece of cord is more rigid which makes catching a snake easier and spares the snake which is to be caught. You should now drill holes into the plugs to pull the cord through as shown in the illustrations. In order not to obstruct the tightening of the cord, the holes should not be drilled too small. The cord is thread through the inside by the pipe. One end of the catch loop is secured in the lower plug with a knot. By pulling on the catch pull, the lower catch loop tightens.

DIY Snake Catcher DIY Snake Catcher

Professionell Snake tongs

Snake tong
It took quite a while, but now snake tongs are also available in Thailand. These tongs are offered by the tailor shop AMIGO.
Price 1500 THB

AMIGO International
175/24 Soi Diamond in South Pattaya
Tel.: 0818150137 / 038 710623
GPS: 12.925625, 100.874092

Snake tongs are ideal for the safe catch of venomous and agressive non venomous snakes. With a little bit practice it is even possible to catch and remove scorpions and scolopenders with the tongues.

Here some informations about how to use the snake tongs
Before lifting a living snake with the snake tongs, one shoud exercise this for to get a feeling how strong the handle has to be and can be squeezed. If you can lift a peeled banana or a ripe tomatoe without damaging the fruits, you have a knowledge about the minimal pressure you need for to lift a snake.
When lifting a snake, you never shoud grab it just behind the head. The best place is between the first third and the middle of the body. If you grab a snake with the tongs just behind the head and lift it, there is a high risk of damaging the cervical vertebrate by the defensive movements of the snake. The snake tong only should be used for snakes with a length of not over 2 meters. Big pythons or king cobras can not be handeled with this. Their striking range is bigger than the snake tong is long and they are too heavy for to lift them with the tong.
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