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Bringing dogs and cats to Thailand

Bringing dogs and cats to Thailand Most airlines permit the transportation of a small dog within the passenger cab. The animal must travel within the required kennel box, both of which together may not exceed a maximum weight of 6 kg, (some airlines allow 8 kg). The kennel may not exceed the size allowed for hand baggage. Larger dogs must be within airline approved kennels and will be transported in the air-conditioned baggage compartment of the airplane. The kennel must be large enough so that the animal can fully stretch and stand up. Airline approved kennels are available from veterinarians and businesses that sell pet supplies. The kennel may be padded, in particular the roof. It is suggested that the owner of the animal lays a piece of clothing, worn by the owner and unwashed, in the kennel so that the animal is comforted by the familiar scent.

Before the planned journey, the owner should practice with the dog to help it become familiar with the kennel. Ideally the dog should already be using the kennel as a place to sleep and should have no trouble getting in and out of the kennel. For especially anxious animals, it may be helpful to plan on administering a tranquiliser before departure. If you plan to administer a tranquiliser, be sure to consult a veterinarian well before the journey in order to make these arrangements.

It is also important to refer to the ticket information and the airline regarding the costs and regulations for transporting animals. If possible choose the quickest, most direct route to your destination in order to lessen the stress it may cause the animal. A non-stop route also reduces the risk that the animal, handled as baggage, could be lost.

In order to import dogs and cats into Thailand a health certificate issued by a veterinarian is required. In addition, the animals must be vaccinated against rabies and leptospirosis. Upon entry into Thailand the health certificate will be inspected and an obligatory import license, to be paid by the owner will be issued.

After arrival at your destination the dog should be immediately taken from the kennel and allowed out on a leash.

Further information may be found at the Thai Consulate
Further information may be found at the Thai Consulate Pretoria

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