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Cost of living in Thailand

Cost of living in ThailandIf you are thinking of immigrating to Thailand, surely you would like to get an idea as to how it may affect your standard of living. The Thai Immigration Office estimates that a foreigner living in Thailand requires a monthly income of approximately 65,000 Thai Baht. Although I would not want to contradict this estimate, I would also add however, that I know of many foreigners living in Thailand on a variety of different amounts. A person's lifestyle as well as their living requirements represents a far more reliable measure of the amount a person needs to live in Thailand.

Since even Thailand is suffering from a noticeable price increase of even the most essential necessities, combined with the unfavorable exchange rates of western currencies, life in Thailand has become substantially more expensive for westerners these last few years.

Exchange rates

600 Euros a month
income would necessitate a very modest lifestyle and would certainly not include owning a car. Frequent visits to European restaurants or other evening entertainment would not be feasible. Nevertheless an interesting lifestyle is possible, but only if one is willing or able to live without many of the creature comforts associated with a western lifestyle.

1200 Euros a month
allows for somewhat more financial freedom in what one can do.

Any amount above 1500 euros a month
provides a relatively comfortable lifestyle.

Of course, anything above the amounts suggested is possible. For example, it is no problem to rent a house for 100 000 Baht per month. Luxury obviously knows no limits.

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