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Snakes of Thailand

Snakes of ThailandFamily: Elapidae (Elapids)
Subfamily: Bungarinae
Genus: Ophiophagus (King Cobra)

Ophiophagus hannah (King Cobra)
Picture: J. Bulian

Distribution area Ophiophagus hannahOphiophagus hannah (King Cobra)
(ngu chong ang, ngu bongla, ngu hao chang)

Length: The longest Kind Cobra ever measured was 585 cm long. The animals usually reach a length between 400 and 450 cm.

Distribution area: Throughout Thailand

Behaviour/habitat: King Cobras like living in light woods and in open grass lands. However, they can also be found on agricultural land and even in the middle of Bangkok. They often live near water. They can swim and climb well. They can also move forwards very quickly with an upright body. They are active at night and during the day. The young King Cobras have contrasting black and yellow stripes. In literature, the King Cobra was always reported to be extremely aggressive. New literature and studies show that the animal is actually shy, does not enjoy attacking and quickly flees.

Danger level: It has been proven that the bite of King Cobra can kill water buffalo and elephants. A cobra bite is always dangerous due to the amount of venom transferred.
Death Risk!
Mildly-venomous/non-venomous snakes of Thailand
Venomous snakes of Thailand

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