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Telephone via Internet (VoIP)

Telephone via Internet (VoIP)You can also reach telephone connections with your PC. Special IP telephones or an IP adaptor even make it possible to make calls with the internet without a PC. With such IP telephones and/or adaptors, there is even the possibility that you can be reached by normal telephone connections over the appropriate IP companies by Internet. These devices as well the telephone numbers are available from these IP companies. The internet telephone has made unbelievable progress in the past few years. The transmission quality now gives little cause for criticism. However a fast Internet connection is necessary. No decent connection is usually possible with a modem connection. At least ISDN, or even better, DSL should be available. I use the satellite internet connection iPSTAR with 256kB in connection with Nikotel. According to my experience the speech transmission is perfect. The receivers of my telephone calls in Germany confirm that the connection is good but have however noted that there is a slight reverberation. At first I used the microphone and loudspeaker on the PC. However this did not work satisfactorily. The quality is now perfect since is started to use a headset. A personal account is set up with the relative company to pay for your calls. You transfer an amount to fill up your account , similar to a pre-paid mobile phone (e.g. 10 euro), this amount can then be used to make calls. Alternatively there are “ flatrate-tarifs “, that allow unrestricted usage at a monthly fee. Skype for example offers a so called country package, with which you can telephone to Thailand limitless, on normal landline and/or mobile phones, for € 4.54 per month (This example is for Germany). The software required is provided for free to download from the relevant IP company.

Some internet telephone providers (VoIP)
Google Voice

Voip Buster

Voice over IP Wikipedia
List of SIP software Wikipedia:


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