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Flight <> Thailand

Flight <> Thailand

Criteria for choosing an airline company
Flight comfort (fly more comfortably)

During a long non-stop flight some travellers can’t stand the lack of space in the airplane. They look enviously at the Business and First Class passengers. The daily newspapers keep reporting about the link between thrombosis and long-distance flights. However, the extreme price surcharges mean that desire for comfortable flights soon disappears. In the meantime, some airlines have reacted and are trying to offer an inexpensive alternative. Some airlines have introduced an additional intermediate class, with more comfortable seats and reduced service (meal of the Economy Class).

Space available
Is the passenger space in the aircraft sufficient to travel comfortably?
Flight comfort (fly more comfortably)

Frequent flyer programs

Many airlines offer a so-called “frequent flyer program”. The miles flown are collected as points. Starting from a certain amount of collected flight miles you are entitled to privileges, such as upgrade to business class or even a free flight. It can therefore be the case that a more expensive ticket with a frequent flyer program is, in the long term, less expensive than a cheap ticket. Many airlines have united into alliances. The miles can also be collected with the partners in a group.


Is the airline generally considered as respectable, safe and reliable?
JACDEC Airline Safety Ranking 2016
Europäische Kommission list of the airlines, which the European Union has forbidden

First hand reports of travellers on these airlines:


Apart from the actual price of the ticket, consider that even a cheap ticket can become very expensive in the following situations:

Missed flights

When a ticket is low cost or is obtained from companies that serve primarily as charter companies, it is often the case that when the booked departure is not used or is missed, the return flight becomes invalid. The additional charges and taxes may be refunded, but usually not without a fight. For booked flights where the departure part has not been used, it is also often the case that companies will refuse to honour the return part of the flight. This can occur, for example, when a flight has been missed, that the return part of the flight reservation will no longer be considered valid.

Departure flight not used, return flight invalid

Some airlines insist that the sequence of the booked flights is observed exactly. So if an outward flight was not used, the return flight ticket is regarded as cancelled. However, some courts have ruled that this practice should not be allowed in individual cases.

Outbound flight not used – return flight is lost

Some airlines companies insist upon the correct use of flights reserved in the correct order. It can therefore mean that the ticket for a return flight is not valid if the outbound ticket has not been used. Some individual cases of this type and the practice of this rule have been declared invalid in German courts.

Change in booking

Be sure to check if it is possible to change a reservation and if so, what the costs may be. These costs may differ considerably from airline to airline.

Excess baggage

The handling of overweight baggage differs widely from airline to airline, with many airlines suspiciously using this situation as a welcome and lucrative source of income.

Rail & Fly-Ticket

Many airlines offer a free rail ticket in connection with the flight ticket, as a shuttle-service to the airport. Together with the flight tickets a sheet is included as a ticket for the rail journey. Make sure that the conductor rips out the correct sheet. Such a ticket is available only in Europe for the flight direction Europe to Thailand.


Spouses or children of Thais can fly at reduced prices. The tariff is called “Sawadee” at Thai Airways international and is more commonly known as the “Ethnic tariff”. A photocopy of the Wedding certificate is sufficient as proof. On the outward flight the pair must travel together. The return flight, can however, take place separately. This tariff allows each person to take 30 kg of luggage. According to my knowledge, this tariff is available only for the flight direction Europe to Thailand.

● Thai Airways Sawasdee Tarif 30 kg Freigepäck
● Lufthansa 12 Monate Gültigkeitsdauer
● Emirates Airlines 35 kg Freigepäck und Rail&Fly
● ETIHAD 40 kg Freigepäck und Rail&Fly
● QATAR AIRWAYS 35 kg Freigepäck

Claim compensation for delayed flights

Air Passenger Rights - Euroean Commission
CLAIM FLIGHTS - We claim for you
EUclaim - Claim Compensation for delayed flights
FairPlane - Claim flight delay compensation - No risk, payment in 48 hours
Flightright - We care for your passenger rights
MYFLYRIGHT - Claim Flight Delay Compensation - Claim Compensation for your delayed flights

Airports Thailand

Suvarnabhumi Airport New Bangkok Airport Guide

Cheap airlines in Thailand

Nok Airlines Inland-flights and flights to Myamar
Orient Thai Airlines Flights Bangkok to Phuket and to Hongkong
Thai AirAsia Inland-flights and Asia
Thai Lionair Inland-flights and flights to Malaysia
Thai Smile Airways Inland-flights and flights to Macau

Die meisten dieser Flüge starten in Bangkok vom alten Flughafen Bangkok Don Muang. Dies sollte bei Anschlussflügen an internationale Flüge beachtet werden, da diese in der Regel im neuen Flughafen Bangkok Suwanaphumi ankommen.

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