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Thailand Post

Thailand Post

Thailand Post

Packages are expensive
E.g. A 1kg package to Germany costs 1100 Baht and 750 Baht to Switzerland. It should therefore be considered if larger dispatches could be cheaper with a local forwarding agency.

For particularly important packages the Thai post office can be a little more expensive stands, but it is particularly secure and quick using EMS service. EMS-Dispatches are always dispatched by registered mail.

DHL Thailand

Customs duties Thailand
The Thai post office even completes the customs formalities for you when using parcel post. They receive a notification card, with which you can collect your package at the post office. The post office covers the customs duties due, and then invoices the charges. There is therefore no need to visit a customs authority.

Customs duties for European Union member countries
Transmissions up to a value of 22 euro are released from the tariff (transmission with small value). Please you consider thereby the total amount of the enclosed calculation, thus e.g. inclusive postage, are computed.

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