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Motor vehicle insurance

Motor vehicle insuranceIIt is in your own interest to set up limited or comprehensive insurance in addition to the basic level of insurance which is required by law. The legal insurance pays out a maximum of 50,000 Baht and this only in the case of personal injury. It could therefore be possible that if you are involved in an accident, you may have to spend time in police custody until the loss adjustments are worked out. If you have received a no-claims discount for car insurance in your home country, you have the possibility of receiving a discount for your Thai car insurance. A translated confirmation of the insurance policy is sufficient.

If you are permanently living in Thailand, you should definitely possess a Thai driving license.

After a traffic accident, you should think about manners and your behaviour when dealing with the Royal Thai police.

Following an accident and for cars which are comprehensively insured, up until now the car could only be repaired in a garage which is allocated to the insurance company. It is now possible to assign one of the workshops of the federation "Credit garage". You should however, find out in advance if the whole repair is confirmed between workshop and insurance company.

The Thai consumer association "Consumer Protection Board" (CPB) assists you with over-estimated invoices or unsatisfactory work.

Office of the Consumer Protection Board
Tel: 1166

Types of car insurance

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